Engage the Easter story in a new way! This 6-day devotional walks through key elements of the Easter story, giving you practical truth to benefit your life, as well as a wonderful way to connect and grow with friends as you do this devotional together!


14 Days of Prayer

Connect and grow with your church family by joining our 14 Days of Prayer Devotional. This devotional and prayer journal focuses on truth that we can reflect on and pray for as we continue to walk through the difficulties of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be a part of our live daily prayer.


2020 Vision

The 2020 Vision message series is all about identifying key areas of life to focus on and learning to take the right next steps to experience the fullness of God’s vision for our lives. Join this devotional to go deeper into the message and increase your perspective for God’s power and purpose in your life.


Summer Gains

If you want the good life this Summer, make gains in Godliness! This 8-week devotional tracks with our Summer series through the book of James. If you are eager to grow in your relationship with God and our church family, this is a great way to join in!


Getting To Know God

This 8-week devotional walks through Psalm 119, showing us valuable lessons on relating to God and His word, while also answering the questions: What is God like? And why should I care?

Want To Go Deeper With CCC?

We have a variety of opportunities to connect at a deeper level and make Chico Community your Church home. Whether you’re looking for a small group to connect with, a class to learn what we believe and how we work, or a training program to grow in your relationship with God and ability to lead others to Him, we would love to talk about how you can go deeper with us.